Thursday, December 23, 2010

Winter Special - Mawa Ladoo

2 Comments has already geared up here...all over in Maharashtra... the temperature is falling down. May be this is the first time it is so cold right in the month of December. It never starts so early. If the nature had taken a step ahead...why not me then?? :)

Winter for me means time to pull up a blanket, snuggle up close to your loved one & enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee! But for Grand Moms & Moms, winter also means something else...time to prepare various types of ladoos with oil seeds like groundnuts, sesame & plenty of dry fruits & ghee....simply mouth melting!!

Mawa Ladoo
Since I have been promoted to a 'Mom' now....I too thought of adding some nutrition to my baby's diet (adults will offcourse enjoy ;) ) by preparing this rich ladoos which Kaku prepares. She never missed sending them to me..all the way from every winter & Y was the first to finish them up!! But this time, I decided to try out the "Mawa ladoos" (as Kaku calls them) myself! Thanks to her for the ladoos & also permitting me to share this wonderful & simple recipe with you all....

Before I start....something about having dry fruits in winter season:

Due to the cold weather in winter, what the body needs is a lot of energy. Winter is the season in which heavy food (like dry fruits) can be easily digested. Dry fruits are all a powerhouse packed with minerals, vitamins, various nutrients and the very important Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. These fatty acids are very important for the body but cannot be produced by the body itself. They help to build your brain power and are vital for growing children. They help in keeping the skin soft & supple in the dry weather of winter season (really important!! :) ).

So how about preparing these ladoos, loading them up with all healthy goodies & indulging yourself the healthy way this winter...what say???

Winter Special - Mawa Ladoo

Makes: 30-35 medium size             Preparation Time: 30 mins               Rolling Time: 30 mins


250 gms kharik/ dry dates
2 cups grated dry cocnut
100 gms cashews
100 gms almonds
100 gms Walnuts
50 gms Pistachios
50 gms Godambi/ Marking Nut/ Marsh Nut/ Oriental Cashew Nut
50 gms Edible Gum/ Resin
50 gms Charoli/ Chironji
30 gms  raisins
1 cup powdered sugar (adjust as per taste)
1 cup ghee
2-3 tbspn khus-khus/ poppy seeds
1/2 tsp Nutmeg pwd
1/2 tsp cardamom pwd

Step 1: De-seed & cut the kharik (dry dates) into small pieces.
Step 2: Heat a pan/ kadhai. Dry roast the kharik (just to help it loose the moisture if any) approx. 5 mins. Set aside.
Step 3: In the same pan, dry roast the Poppy seeds, Coconut, Godambi (Marking Nut). Powder the poppy seeds & set aside.

Clockwise: 1. Mixed Kharik & Coconut 2. Fried Edible Gum/ Resin 3. Roasted & powdered Poppy seeds
Step 4: Heat 1 tbspn ghee & toss the raisins till golden. Set aside.
Step 5: Add rest of the ghee. Once its hot, deep fry the edible gum/ resin till it nicely fluffs up!! Make sure you are patient at this stage & no hurry since it can remain uncooked from inside.
Step 6: Now get all set with your grinder. Mix the kharik & coconut (only kharik is difficult to be powdered, hence this step).
Step 7: Put the fried edible gum/resin in the blender & blend once. It will become fine in no time. Set aside.
Step 8: In 2-3 batches, grind the kharik+coconut mixture to fine powder.
Step 9: Now mix all the nuts. In small batches, grind them to powder (a bit coarse will also do!)
Step 10: Mix all the powders in a big pan. Add cardamom & nutmeg pwd. Add raisins & powdered sugar. Mix well.
Step 11: Now warm the ghee used in Step 5 to fry the Edible gum/ resin. Once warm, pour this above the mixture. Mix well.
Step 12: Now you can easily bind the ladoos out of this mixture as per the size you like!!

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