Thursday, December 2, 2010

"Hello World!!"


Being an Computer Engineer...while thinking of the name for the first post of the first blog of my life...this name clicked my mind & triggered my thoughts!!

Some of the readers who have ever written a basic "C Program", will understand these two words very well...(I am sorry for others...but for them...its always fine coz its just a 'greet' quote :) n they can accept it as a first hello from my end!!)

My basic motive behind starting with this name, is to track 6-7 yrs back when I was an Engineering student...all busy writing the Programs & never ever thought of landing down in future....writing a food blog. One of the obvious reasons behind this could be the "least interested" attitude towards the kitchen..which most of us have at that age & the other one could be my lovely mother who never bothered about my "non-kitchen types" she was happy with my studies (most of the mothers are!!).

Never ever in my dreams, I had ever thought that I would be hunting for all kinds of recipes & experimenting them on my own....and struggling for their good tastes!!But yes, that's the fact of my life post marriage. To add to this, there is another fact as well, it is about my better half Y....his least interest in fooding (is dat a word?? but it will make my mind reach you all). In early days, this used to demotivate me a lot towards cooking....(sorry Y!!) but hey...thanks to all others around us...our friends & family!! The best part of Y was..he never used to let my new experiment go calling guests at home who had & always will keep my 'cooking craze' up!! To mention though, I will never ever forget the very rare but warm comments given by Y at times...which always made me feel at the top of the world :)....still waiting for their frequency to increase....being optimistic ;)

This blog is not going to be some 'kitchen secrets' or 'fascinating recipes' as such. It will be all about my own tries in the kitchen along with all your valuable suggestions & comments which will be like an icing over the cake. With this first post of mine, I will take a leave now...hoping you all to support me in my journey from "Hello World" to the "Kitchen World"!!

Cya soon....

p.s. this is how my heart goes whenever I go to a Grocery Store or a Sabji Mandi to get vegetables..I just forget what are the leftovers at home & feel like buying the whole market. What about you all??


Maithili December 4, 2010 at 3:37 PM

Woowiiee...!!! :-)
Best of luck for ur New Food Blog...Looking forward for new new interesting yummy recipes... :)

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