Thursday, January 13, 2011

Gajar Halwa


It is really difficult to find someone who does not like this dessert. Or is there anyone?? Let me know then, with a valid reason though!! :)

With lovely 'Desi' variety of Carrots arriving in the market, its so difficult to bypass them & walk least for me. This is a rich dessert & this one is the simplest & one of the quickest recipe..I believe (excluding the time to grate carrots...ufff...that is something I cannot do without Y's help ;) )!! Just an another "Pressure Cooker Magic"!!

Gajar Halwa

Serves: 2-3                   Preparation Time: 15-20 mins                    Cooking Time: 10-15 mins


4 long carrots (peeled & grated), which will approx. measure 2 1/2 cups
3 tbspn ghee
1 cup milk
5 tbspn sugar (or as per taste)
1 tsp cardamom pwd
pinch of Orange food color (optional)
8-10 raisins
finely chopped nuts of your choice

Step 1: Mix the food color with milk. Set aside.
Step 2: Heat 1 tbspn ghee in a non stick Pressure Cooker. Add grated carrots. Saute on high flame till water evaporates & rawness of carrots is gone. (Approx 2-3 mins)
Step 3: Add milk. Cover the cooker with lid & cook up to one whistle on medium flame.
Step 4: Release all the steam of the cooker. Open the lid. Add sugar, cardamom pwd, raisins & cook on medium flame for 5 mins. Stir in between.
Step 5: Add rest of the ghee. Cook on high flame stirring continuously till a lump is formed & you have a nice shiny texture of the halwa due to the additional ghee.
Step 6: Garnish with chopped nuts of your choice & serve warm. My toddler enjoyed it with Chapati :)


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